Join the growing international communities in Mexico. We are perhaps the only platform connecting professionals and businesses in Mexico with international communities. Today, we have over 2 million foreigners living in Mexico. Let’s all connect. Our focus is on international communities and Organizations in Mexico. Many do not speak Spanish. It is important that your business profile is in English. You can set up your profile in Spanish, we can always assist you by translating your content into English. It is good to have someone in your business who is able to communicate in English with clients, but it is not required. .


Anyone can join as a general user. There is no cost.

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Connecting Freelancers with international communities benefits both sides. Freelancers are always in demand. Joining and adding your profile as a freelancer is easy and best of all it is free. Simply register, login and add your profile. You can manage your profile anytime you wish. Please note; Freelancers section is for independent workers and not for companies or businesses.

Pricing: Free .


Get connected with growing international communities in Mexico.

Pricing: $79. USD - For 12 months (about $1350.00 pesos) Non-Profits remain on our platform for life. No additional charges. Let's get started


We are working on one more option for expat communities. Here you are able to publish autos for sale or find one to purchase. Pricing: Free

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Promote your property or listings to international communities in your area. You are able to manage all aspect of your property on our platform. Price per property listing: $11.00 USD (about $190.00 pesos) Your listing will expire in 60 days.

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Articles Like Promos You create your own ad / article the way you like it. You manage everything. You can edit your Ad article anytime you wish. Pricing $29.00 USD (about $490.00 pesos) your info ad will remain on our platform for 60 days.

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Advertising Banners A 300x300 banners which are shown platform wide. You have to ability to upload your banner and manage it any time before it expires. Pricing: $29.00 USD (about $490.00 pesos) your banner will expire in 60 days.

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Artists Special consideration is given to artists. We are introducing "Meet The Artist" series. Let us take this opportunity and introduce your love of art, your story and your art to our audience and beyond.

Pricing: $49.00 USD (about $850.00 pesos) your info will remain on our platform for 12 months

We will setup the entire project on your behalf. You will have to manage your images on your google photos account, we will bring in that into your profile. You can also add link where people can go and buy your art.


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All sales are final and are non-refundable. No refunds for partial use or early deletion of your account or your product.