Join the growing international communities in Mexico. We are perhaps the only platform connecting professionals and businesses in Mexico with international communities. Today, we have over 2 million foreigners living in Mexico. Let’s all connect.

Our focus is on international communities and Organizations in Mexico. Many do not speak Spanish. It is important that your business profile is in English. You can set up your profile in Spanish, we can always assist you by translating your content into English. It is good to have someone in your business who is able to communicate in English with clients, but it is not required. 


Get connected with growing international communities in Mexico.
Annual Subscription Pricing: $99.00 USD (about $1685.00 pesos) for 12 months (non-refundable).


Idea of Freelancers is build a better structure for Freelancers as well as for clients seeking for services from independent service providers. There are several categories to select and join as a freelancer. Annual Subscription Pricing: $50.00 USD (about $865. pesos) for 12 months (non-refundable). Reservation goes directly to you, you control the reservation process.

Please Note: This is for Freelancers or independent workers. You must register under your name is a Freelancer. If you have a company, you need to be in our Business Directory. Picture of the Freelancer is required in the listing.

Do you have a house to rent or sell, or perhaps just a room? Our Real Estate section allows anyone to post one listing at a time for free.
Pricing: Free
Listing expires in 45 days. It is up to you to renew it or it will go into InActive mode.


We are introducing a practical solution to list properties for the real estate agents in Mexico.  

Package per 21 properties: $99.USD (about $1685. pesos) First package of 21 properties free.
- You can upload and manage up to 21 properties anytime.

- Each property remains active on our platform for up to 45 days, unless deleted by you. Once property has reached its validity, it goes into InActive mode, and will not show any more on our platform.
- Renewing is not available once property has expired. Editing is permitted as long as property is still active.
- You will not be able to add more properties once you have reached your limit of max 21 properties. 

Leads and contacts management: A built in feature for all agents, you can manage your leads and contacts anytime via your admin console.


Connecting local drivers with expats in Mexico. It can be a daunting task for many to find a solution at odd hours or looking for a specific vehicle with a specific need. Drivers or companies with specific vehicle types are welcome to join, including minivans, large passenger vans, cargo vans or pickup trucks.

Option 1:

Annual Subscription Pricing: $99.00 USD (about $1685.00 pesos) for 12 months (non-refundable). You control the entire sales and reservation process.

Option 2: We manage your profile. We provide language assistance to potential clients. We control the reservation process and pass the reservation onto you. We will collect a set commission from you.


Advertise your business in our high traffic area, MexBoard. Add Banner Prices 90 Days - $65.00 USD 180 Days - $115.00 USD 365 Days - $200.00 USD Your ad banner will show in all categories randomly.


All sales are final and are non-refundable. No refunds for partial use or early deletion of your account or your product.


We can assist you with simple design for your publications at no charge.