Join the growing international communities in Mexico. We are perhaps the only platform connecting professionals and businesses in Mexico with international communities. Today, we have over 2 million foreigners living in Mexico. Let’s all connect.

Our focus is on international communities and Organizations in Mexico. Many do not speak Spanish. It is important that your business profile is in English. You can set up your profile in Spanish, we can always assist you by translating your content into English.

It is good to have someone in your business who is able to communicate in English with clients, but it is not required. 


Get connected with growing international communities in Mexico. Annual Subscription Special Pricing: $125.00 USD for 12 months (non-refundable).

Normal pricing $250.00 USD.


Help Needed section is free to use for someone seeking assistance in immigration matters or language related issues. Any registered user can publish or assist.

Do you have a house to rent or sell, or perhaps just room? Our Real Estate section allows anyone to post for free, if it's only one listing.

One listing only: Free
Listing expires in 28 days. It is up to you to renew it or it will be deleted from the platform.

REAL ESTATE AGENTS We have a special program for real estate agents or agencies.

Under this program you do not have to pay anything upfront to list your properties. We get paid when you get paid. Rentals: Our fee is $65.00 USD after you have closed your deal originated from our platform. Sales: Our fee is $125.00 USD after you have closed your deal originated from our platform. How does this work? Under this arrangement, you can publish as many properties as you wish. - We keep track of all leads sent to you, furthermore, we contact these leads to ensure that they are in good hands and the closing went smoothly. - An agreement will be drafted and presented to you to sign. Once we have the document from you, we will grant you the access to publish your properties. - Listings are good for 28 days, but not deleted before confirming it with you. - Upon a successful closing, you will notify us immediately. We will send you a link requesting our fee. You can pay that online using a credit card.


Connecting local drivers with expats in Mexico. It can be a daunting task for many to find a solution at odd hours or looking for a specific vehicle with a specific need. Drivers or companies with specific vehicle types are welcome to join, including minivans, large passenger vans, cargo vans or a pickup trucks.

Annual Subscription Special Pricing: $125.00 USD for 12 months (non-refundable).

Normal pricing $250.00 USD. We do not take commissions. This is a subscription based advertising.

Coming soon ...

We can advertise your business in our most popular section " Articles & News". Your advertising will look very much like an article. It will show in all random searches. Price Per Ad: $85.00 USD for 12 Months Your ad will be published under the category "Promotion".

Banner ad embed in an article We can embed your business banner within any article of your choice. Price per banner ad: $50.00 USD for life. Banner size: 300pix by 300pix


You are required to pay as billed. Your account will remain active for 7 days without payment. Account will be disabled after 7 days.


All sales are final and are non-refundable. No refunds for partial use or early deletion of your account or your product.


We can assist you with simple design for your publications at no charge.