Join the growing international communities in Mexico. We are perhaps the only platform connecting professionals and businesses in Mexico with international communities. Today, we have over 2 million foreigners living in Mexico. Let’s all connect.

Our focus is on international communities and Organizations in Mexico. Many do not speak Spanish. It is important that your business profile is in English. You can set up your profile in Spanish, we can always assist you by translating your content into English. It is always good to have someone in your business who is able to communicate in English with clients, but it is not required.



Anyone can join as a general user. There is no cost

As a general user you can post comments, contact Medical Providers, Services Providers, Transportation Providers and Real Estate Agents.
Any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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MATCHMEX - Matchmaking Solution

Introducing matchmaking solution for international communities. Everyone is welcome to join. Foreigners or Mexicans.
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Medical, Services & Transportation Providers Get connected with growing international communities in Mexico.

Special Pricing: $1,200.00 Pesos - For 24 months + 16% IVA (if you need factura). Comes with leads and contacts management. Normal price $2,400.00 pesos a year. Now at 50% discount as well as 12 months extra, if you signup before 31 July, 2024.

Steps to add your listing:

- Make payment.

- We activate your account.

- Add and manage your listing. Please contact Ibette Santana if you wish to join: +524461693824


Get connected with growing international communities in Mexico. Let us assist you in bringing new customer to your business.

Pricing: $150.00 pesos a month

First month free.

Steps to add your listing:

- Signup - We activate your account.

- Publish and manage your promos.

- Our users download your promos and use them at your business.

- Coming soon

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Introducing practical solutions for Real Estate agents in Mexico. Tap into international communities and clients in your area. On our platform you can publish up to 30 properties at a fraction of a cost compared to other platforms. Since it is a new section, we are giving it away for 3 months no charge.

- We will only accept 20 agents per state.

- You must be bilingual to join.

- You must be licensed.

- Publish up to 30 properties anytime.

- You manage all aspects of your listings.

- All your listings must be in English.

- Each property remains active for 60 days. - Comes with Leads and Contacts management.

Link & drive traffic to your Facebook page: - First upload property to your Facebook page with all the pictures you wish to show.

- Publish your property with us with link it with your listing on your Facebook page.

- You will get exposure from us and as well as traffic to your Facebook page.

Promotion of your properties:

- We can further promote list of your active properties on our timeline MexBoard and as well in social media for a cost. Please ask for details. Contact us


Promotions in MexBoard

You have to request to advertise in MexBoard. Your ad will go under the category called Promotions. Only admin can add into that category. You cannot make changes to your ad once published. It will remain in MexBoard for ever once published.

Pricing: $800.00 Pesos + 16% IVA

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Advertising Banners

A 300x300 banners which are shown in articles of your choice. Simply send us the banner, we will add it to 2 different articles of your choice.

Pricing: $800.00 Pesos your banner will remain in these articles for ever. + 16% IVA
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Top Ten Promotion

We promote 10 paid advertisers once a month by category and location.

Pricing: $400.00 per advertiser. + 16% IVA
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Three Liner - Text Ad  

Three lines of text, linked and directed to your website will appear at the bottom of 2 different articles of your choice.

Pricing: $500.00 Pesos your ad will remain in these articles forever. + 16% IVA

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Special consideration is given to artists. We are introducing the "Meet The Artist" series. Let us take this opportunity and introduce your love of art and your story to our audience and beyond.

Pricing: $800.00 Pesos your info will remain on our platform for ever. + 16% IVA

We will setup the entire project on your behalf. You will have to manage your images on your google photos account, we will include that link into your profile.

You can also add a link where people can go and buy your art. No changes allowed once published.

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All billing and refunds are processed by our U.S. office. All sales are final and are non-refundable. No refunds for partial use or early deletion of your account or your product.