General use accounts

Signup process is simple. Provide requested information and submit. You will receive an email requesting verification of your account. Verify your account and you are ready to use the platform. Under the General use account, you are able to post in MexBoard, join the Freelancers section, publish one property for sales or rental in the real estate section if you like, contact service providers and you are able to comment on any post, including business listings. 

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Business users
Signup process is easy. Provide requested information and submit. You will receive an email requesting verification of your account. Verify your account, Add your business listing to Biz & Orgs or Transportation Directory. We will contact you for the payment after you have added your profile. 

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Great way to remain connected with what is happening in and around Mexico. We encourage everyone to participate in this section. Anyone is welcome to participate. You can post and search by categories, several to choose from.

Please note: You are allowed one post a day. Your post must be in English. We do not allow religious or political posts and unauthorized ads. You can manage your posts anytime.

Biz & Orgs Directory

Expat communities generally struggle to connect with businesses and professionals in Mexico. Business Directory can assist in building better connections and business relationships. 

As a service provider you can join and add your business or organization’s listing. Your listing must be in English. You are able to edit your business profile anytime.  Having an account in the Business Directory allows you to manage your requests from your potential clients.

Contact us if you wish to add your business or organization.
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Real Estate Agents
We are introducing a practical way for Real Estate Agents to connect with international communities in Mexico.  You are able to maintain up to 30 properties on our platform at a time. Each property will remain active for up to 60 days. Having your properties listed with us further promotes your Facebook page. Initially you list your property on your facebook page, and later you connect that listing to your property profile in our platform. Essentially we will help send more traffic to your social media. 

Leads and contacts management: A built in feature for all agents, you can manage your leads and contacts anytime via your admin console.

Linking your listing to your listing Facebook:

Please get in touch with us if you wish to register as a real estate agent.

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Transportation Providers
Building better connections between transportation providers and international communities in Mexico.  We are inviting transportation providers to join us and let us help you build new type of client base for your business. This section does not operate on a monthly subscription. Our concept is based on PPL or Pay Per Lead basis. You make money when you make money. 

We take care of everything, we will setup your profile, provide you with login credentials so you can manage your leads. Feel free to contact us if you wish to join this section.

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Advertising on our platform
Several options are available. Please check our pricing section for more information.

Quality Assurance
We take quality and customer care very seriously. It is important to us that our registered service providers do an excellent job. Your business listing can be removed if we continue to see negative comments or ratings.

Please feel free to Contact us should need assistance.