Today, Mexico hosts close to 2.5 million foreign residents, solidifying its position as the premier destination for relocation or retirement in North America, with this figure steadily increasing.

Our objective is to foster connections between international communities and businesses/professionals within Mexico. However, our scope extends beyond merely providing business solutions.

We envision ourselves as the primary source of valuable information catering to all stakeholders, including expatriates and internationally-minded Mexicans.

We offer a platform for substantive discussions, addressing pertinent issues and disseminating essential information relevant to international communities residing in Mexico.

Recognizing the significant language barrier faced by many foreigners in Mexico, we actively encourage bilingual Mexicans to collaborate with us, recognizing the mutual benefits of this approach for all parties involved.

Following are the main sections in



It's a discussion and information board that involves all participants, providing a free option for everyone to utilize.

Business Solutions

Businesses & Organizations
A directory where businesses and organizations can list themselves, thereby attracting new clients from international communities.


A simple business directory tailored for freelancers, offering an excellent platform to showcase their services to international audiences.

Transportation Solutions

This particular section serves as a bridge between transportation companies and international communities. Navigating through various transportation options can often feel overwhelming. Our aim is to offer solutions that are practical and intuitive.

Real Estate Listings

In Mexico, there are numerous platforms dedicated to real estate solutions. At, we have a dedicated section aimed at assisting our English-speaking members in navigating these options. 

Many Advertising Options. Please ask for details.